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PlantLife 2006

PlantLife is published by the KwaZulu-Natal Coastal Branch of the Botanical Society of South Africa and the Durban Botanic Gardens Trust. It is run on a non-profit basis by unpaid volunteers.
PlantLife is read around the world by botanists, propagators, students, enthusiasts, collectors and others interested in plants and their conservation. PlantLife was first published in September 1989 as a brief black-and-white newsletter, before evolving to its present form. It was founded by Tony Abbott, an amateur botanist based in Port Edward, who has contributed much to the botanical exploration of Pondoland.
PlantLife has a unique ethos: it is neither a dry, scientific journal, nor totally popular. It is a meeting place for both amateur and professional botanists, and a forum for the publication of contributions from both groups.
A particular aim is not only to provide readers with informative, well written articles, often containing information that can often be obtained nowhere else, but a visual experience that does justice to the wonderful flora of Southern Africa.

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Recent events

Plant Fair 2017

Last year’s indigenous Plant Fair at the Sustainable Living Expo. This year’s indigenous Plant Fair at the Sustainable Living Expo was a break from tradition, as we had to move the Fair indoors for logistical reasons.

Two nurseries joined us, and it was lovely to see the back of the hall come alive, with plants, volunteers and keen gardeners. Because of limited space, we could not display the usual range of plants, but between the two nurseries we had a good mix of ground covers, succulents, shrubs and trees.

Working with the nurseries was a pleasure, they are both committed to the aims and ideals of the Botanical Society, and are keen to come back next year.

Special thanks must go to the volunteers, and our hard-working committee members, Sandra, Barry, Di and Bertha, and of course the nurseries – Grasslands and God’s Green Gifts.

BotSoc AGM 2017.

Suvarna Parbhoo and Guest speaker Geoff Nichols

The AGM of the KZN Coastal Branch was held on Sunday, 23 July 2017 at the Durban Botanic Gardens Visitors’ Centre. The guest speaker was well-known plant expert, Geoff Nichols, who spoke on Oribi Gorge: a natural history gem

Dune Forest with Richard Boon By Charles & Julia Botha

On a beautiful, warm autumn day, tree enthusiasts, notepads in hand, joined tree expert Richard Boon in the dune forest of the Umlalazi Nature Reserve. The fact that both the morning and afternoon sessions were fully booked, weeks ahead, illustrates just how popular Richard is. Both groups were treated to a sumptuous lunch in a charming cottage, nestled deep in the dune forest of the reserve. The morning’s sightings were eagerly discussed, giving the afternoon delegates something to look forward to. And they were not disappointed. An excellent tutor, Richard explained how to recognise particular trees rather than just giving them their names. When one gets really good at this one should be able to identify them from the trunk, without looking up into the forest canopy! The bark of Sideroxylon inerme (White-milkwood), for instance, has distinctive rough rectangular cracks. Besides seeing most of the main common dune forest species, there were some special plants, new to most of the group. For example, Scolopia stolzii (River Thorn-pear) with its beautiful bronze new leaves and Gymnosporia arenicola (Dune Spikethorn) previously part of Maytenus heterophylla. Appropriately, arenicola means dwelling on sand.