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Outing: Giba Gorge Nature Reserve

Saturday 23 February 09:00 – 13:00

‘Giba Gorge is a natural valley carved out rock by millions of years of water flow. The deep corridor is walled by steep rocky cliffs which give way to natural grassland slopes, through the middle of which runs the Giba River. Giba Gorge is home to a unique complement of rare and threatened ecosystems with an impressive list of animals and plants.( more.. )

Talk: The flowers of Sehlabathebe National Park, Lesotho

Visitors Centre, Durban Botanic Gardens
Monday 25 February 17h30 for 18:00

A talk by Pmb horticulturist, Alison Young. Sehlabathebe National Park is the highest national park on the African continent and is one of the first proclaimed national parks in Lesotho( more.. )

Visit to Hillcrest AIDS Centre nursery

Postponed until later in the year

Enjoy a guided tour by Nursery Manager John Lund of the plant nursery. The Centre staff will then kindly provide us with tea. ( more.. )


Recent events

PlantLife re-launch

PlantLife SA is a journal for everyone concerned about the conservation of our natural flora, particularly amateur botanists and indigenous plant growers. It provides a forum for communication amongst lay people and bridges the gap between them and the professional world by making known the needs and interests of both groups. The ultimate aim of PlantLife SA is to encourage the highest level of management of our indigenous flora for the benefit of the land and its people.

( more.. )

Plant Fair 2017

Last year’s indigenous Plant Fair at the Sustainable Living Expo. This year’s indigenous Plant Fair at the Sustainable Living Expo was a break from tradition, as we had to move the Fair indoors for logistical reasons.

Two nurseries joined us, and it was lovely to see the back of the hall come alive, with plants, volunteers and keen gardeners. Because of limited space, we could not display the usual range of plants, but between the two nurseries we had a good mix of ground covers, succulents, shrubs and trees.

Working with the nurseries was a pleasure, they are both committed to the aims and ideals of the Botanical Society, and are keen to come back next year.

Special thanks must go to the volunteers, and our hard-working committee members, Sandra, Barry, Di and Bertha, and of course the nurseries – Grasslands and God’s Green Gifts.