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Sat 8 - 11 July
Tree identification courses with Eugene Moll
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Mon 10 July 18h00
Talk: From Acacia to Zanthoxylum: - the story behind “The Illustrated Dictionary of Southern African Plant Names” by visiting botanist Prof Eugene Moll .
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Sun 23 July 3 pm
Branch AGM and Talk: Oribi Gorge: a natural history gem by horticultural consultant, Geoff Nichols .
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Mon 14 August 18h00
Talk: India: What the Travel Brochures Don’t Tell You by Charles Botha .
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Recent events

Dune Forest with Richard Boon By Charles & Julia Botha

On a beautiful, warm autumn day, tree enthusiasts, notepads in hand, joined tree expert Richard Boon in the dune forest of the Umlalazi Nature Reserve. The fact that both the morning and afternoon sessions were fully booked, weeks ahead, illustrates just how popular Richard is. Both groups were treated to a sumptuous lunch in a charming cottage, nestled deep in the dune forest of the reserve. The morning’s sightings were eagerly discussed, giving the afternoon delegates something to look forward to. And they were not disappointed. An excellent tutor, Richard explained how to recognise particular trees rather than just giving them their names. When one gets really good at this one should be able to identify them from the trunk, without looking up into the forest canopy! The bark of Sideroxylon inerme (White-milkwood), for instance, has distinctive rough rectangular cracks. Besides seeing most of the main common dune forest species, there were some special plants, new to most of the group. For example, Scolopia stolzii (River Thorn-pear) with its beautiful bronze new leaves and Gymnosporia arenicola (Dune Spikethorn) previously part of Maytenus heterophylla. Appropriately, arenicola means dwelling on sand.